About Us

The Centre for Visual Studies, founded in 2012, promotes research in Visual Studies at the University of Sheffield.

Mission Statement:
This interdisciplinary research centre supports and encourages a variety of different approaches to Visual Studies. It brings together internationally recognized researchers from departments, faculties and disciplines across the university: those who are concerned with the analysis and history of visual and material artefacts and practices; those who seek to understand the nature of the visual, visual representation and perception; and those who use visual sources and visual methodologies.

Drawing together and building this rich scope of research activity, the Centre fosters both individual and collaborative work in the area of Visual Studies. It promotes a range of types of events, both academic and for wider audiences. The Centre seeks to enable collaboration and exchange across the University, with the city and region, and with the wider academic community, developing new and exciting ways to conceptualise and present research in Visual Studies.'

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