Friday, 14 November 2014

Centre for Visual Studies - Reading Group

All members are invited to take part in establishing the reading group as part of our 2014-15 activities. The aim is for members to recommend and circulate reading materials in advance of an arranged session where we can discuss the text in an informal manner to share and develop ideas around visual culture. We are booking sessions across the lunch hour so feel free to bring your lunch.

I will plan a couple of lead-in sessions and then, dependent upon interest, we can structure further sessions in to the new year.

Our first session will run at 12pm Friday 21 November at Jessop West Hub 1.
Salvaged records photograph of Rotherham

For the first session I have copied a very short text and pictures looking at the genre of ‘public works’ photographs, also known as ‘records photographs’. To start the session I will run a short slide-show of a set of acquired (salvaged) records photographs from 1970s/1980s Rotherham.

These photographs can be considered in the analytical framework of Barthes’ “punctum” and “studium” such that their very restricted function (to be possibly unseen and unused) is suddenly turned around and new possible meanings emerge within a new audience, combined with the serendipitous nature of their emergence into a new public view.

This will hopefully feed in to the next session when I intend to look at the proliferation of automated images, ephemeral images and never-to-be-seen images.
Salvaged records photograph of Rotherham

Please contact Ian Trowell for more information. 

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