Friday, 13 February 2015

Data Power Conference

On 22nd & 23rd June, the University of Sheffield will host an international conference entitled Data Power, which focuses on a range of critical issues relating to data's ever more ubiquitous power, such as who gets access to data and whose privacy is invaded, who controls, who discriminates and what kinds of social sorting result from data power. Keynote speakers include these fantastic commentators on data power:  Mark Andrejevic, Kate Crawford (to be confirmed), José van Dijck, Alison Hearn, Richard Rogers, Evelyn Ruppert and Joseph Turow. Topics covered at the conference which might be of interest to the Centre for Visual Studies group include data and power in data art, data visualisation, and the visual representation of data management strategies through dashboards.

Infoglut by Mark AndrejevicThe Daily You by Joseph TurowThe Culture of Connectivity by Jose van Dijck

Registration details will shortly be available here. Further information available via the conference site here.

The conference is organised by Professor Helen Kennedy, Sociological Studies; Dr Jo Bates, the iSchool; and Ysabel Gerarrd, PhD Candidate and is supported by Professor Kennedy's AHRC Leadership Fellowship: Understanding Social Media Monitoring.

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