Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Visual methods: Comics

Day Workshop, 5 November 2015, ICOSS, University of Sheffield

 Participants are introduced to various approaches to researching comics. We look at how comics can be used to carry out research, and then how they are used to communicate research findings. We consider how comics provide ways of critical thinking and explaining complex ideas to diverse audiences. We also look at ways of actually doing research on and with comics as communicative objects that intersect with different cultural contexts. There is a strong practical element throughout: everyone will make comics to explore these aspects.

The day is divided between presentations from comics researchers and practical drawing exercises/workshops. Each section focuses on specific approaches to doing research through or with comics. Participants will be encouraged to critically reflect on these methods and will leave with a broad understanding of possible approaches to working with comics. It should be fun and thoughtful!

For more details see the workshop flyer.
To book a place, please sign up here.
All participants are asked to read a short journal article and be prepared to discuss it: MunaAl-Jawad’s 2013 paper 'Comics are Research: Graphic Narratives as a New Way ofSeeing Clinical Practice' from Journal ofMedical Humanities

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